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24/SEVEN - Film Trailer
24 Hours… Seven People… One Outsider… A Café in London… A Love Affair… A Betrayal… A Tragedy

24/SEVEN is a bold piece of musical theatre. A completely sung Street Opera about seven individuals caught up in a fragment of time, just one day, a microcosm where each of the protagonists is desperate to be 'someone'.

As events spiral, each decision they make has a rippling and dramatic impact on the lives, and deaths, of those they love the most.
"My Life! All I hope for, Coming through."

This major fully sung piece of musical theatre with music by Stephen Powell and lyrics by Stephen Francis had two stage productions in Birmingham and London during 2008. 24/SEVEN is set in a present-day London café of the same name and is the story of the troubled lives of seven characters over the course of 24 hours.

Intrigue, betrayal, violence and murder all combine to create a tragic vignette of people who fall through society's safety net unnoticed and derided by those who 'pass-by on the other side'.

24/SEVEN has now been made into a feature length film, in association with Post Office Studios. The film has been submitted to a number of film festivals worldwide, and has already won an Award of Recognition at the IndieFEST Film Awards in California. The film will be officially released in 2018, and it is hoped the soundtrack recording will be also be issued in 2018.

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