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24/SEVEN - The Film

24/SEVEN has now been made into a feature length film, in association with Post Office Studios. The film has been submitted to a number of film festivals worldwide, and has already won an Award of Recognition at the IndieFEST Film Awards in California. The film will be officially released in 2018, and it is hoped the soundtrack recording will be also be issued in 2018.

24 Hours… Seven People… One Outsider… A Café in London… A Love Affair… A Betrayal… A Tragedy
Supporting Trailer
"My Life! All I hope for, Coming through."

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Director's Notes

The potential of this film gripped me from the moment I saw it as a theatrical piece whilst working on the production in Birmingham. After also being fortunate enough to see the London run of the stage show, I felt compelled to turn it into a full blown feature. I think this film speaks to an audience in a unique way; the characterizations and operatic structure really stand out in terms of its musical nature and intense story. It seemed to me that film would help it to reach further and bring it to a wider audience than simply a theatre run.

The idea of the film portraying 'real' life rather than merely filming a stage show was of paramount importance to me, my choice of camera and lenses were intended to bring the audience into the gritty world that the musical is all about. The decision to make this a black and white film was to focus the audience on the intimacy and personal journeys that the characters undergo until the story reaches its devastating conclusion.

I will be forever grateful to Stephen Francis and Stephen Powell for finding a budget to allow me to fulfil the compulsion I had to create this feature. I hope that others enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Matt Hickinbottom

Steve - Ross Berkeley Simpson
Jay - Ricky Dukes
Dips - Finola Glacken
Mary - Andrea Wilson
Dean - Chris Pearse
Shaun - Jonas Christensen
Tony - Barrie Ryan English

Music by Stephen Powell
Lyrics by Stephen Francis
Directed by Matt Hickinbottom
Post Production & Edited by Benjamin Field
First Assistant Director - Leanne Bayliss
Director of Photography - Matt Hickinbottom
Piano - Stephen Powell