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Jay, an undercover police officer, is sent to investigate the café 24/SEVEN.

The café is a seedy establishment in South London known for its connections with prostitution and drug dealing run by Tony Brava.

In order to gain access to the café Jay befriends Steve, Tony's younger brother and a would-be singer and 'accidentally' falls in love with him. This affair, founded on deceit, is threatened when Shaun, a teenage rent boy, surmises the true identity of Jay and threatens to inform Steve. Though advised against this course of action by Mary, Shaun carries out his threat and is subsequently found murdered. Suspicion falls on Dean, a user and drug dealer, who himself has issues with Shaun. As the net closes on both Dean and Tony, Steve is forced into the realisation that he may have been 'used' by Jay.

The final tragic confession is forced by Dips, a young girl madly in love with Steve albeit unrequited, who witnessed Shaun's murder. Jay is left to choose between covering up the crime or standing by his duty….

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